Neighbors React to Triple Shooting

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NORTH JACKSON, Tenn. — The triple shooting on Walker Road Wednesday night shocked people living in the neighborhood. “It always be the innocent people that get hurt,” said a neighbor, who did not want to give her name. Neighbors sounded off Thursday about the shooting that left two people dead and injured another. “This is crazy because we haven’t had this problem over here before,” said a neighbor. “I mean it’s so peaceful, everybody get along.” Eyewitnesses watched Wednesday night as police and ambulance workers rushed to help the victims. “They was working on him, pumping his chest before they brought him out the house and I was looking in the ambulance and they was pumping his chest for a long time,” said a neighbor. “Kind of organized confusion I guess,” said Brad Royer, a neighbor. Royer and his wife live down the street from where the shooting happened. “It makes me a little worried just because I live close and that’s a little scary,” said Alyssa Royer, a neighbor. People nearby say they normally feel safe in the neighborhood. “We have dogs,” said Royer. “We feel like we’re pretty safe. We stay away from trouble.” Investigators believe the gunman targeted one of the victims. Neighbors, still rattled by the violence, plan to lock their doors and keep an eye out. “It’s bad whenever you go,” said a neighbor. “You know what I’m saying? It’s not the neighborhood. It’s the people. It all depends on what they’re doing.” Some people along the street plan to move out of the neighborhood.

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