Pair Accused of Robbing Elderly Women Cases Sent to Grand Jury

DOWNTOWN JACKSON — The pair accused of robbing elderly women with a taser appeared in court again, Thursday morning. Garrett Paige, 25, of Jackson, waived his preliminary hearing and had his probation revoked. His case has been bound over to the grand jury. His girlfriend, Jennifer Morris, 22, had her bail raised to $250,000 and has had her case bound over to the grand jury. Both are in custody and have been charged with aggravated robbery for two separate robberies of elderly women. The first happened at 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 12 when an 82-year-old Jackson woman was in the parking lot of Batteries Plus on Vann Drive. The woman was reportedly sitting in her car when she was approached by a young woman who police say is Jennifer Morris. The young woman demanded the victim’s wallet. When the victim hesitated, the young woman pulled a stun gun and threatened the victim. The young woman then reached into the victim’s purse that was laying in the car seat and took her wallet. The second robbery occurred Jan. 7 when a 76-year-old woman who said she knew Morris were discussing a matter. When the victim wasn’t looking, Police say Morris tased her several times in the neck and choked her. The victim asked Morris what she wanted, and Morris demanded money. The victim complied and wrote Morris a check. Morris then took the check and left the home. Investigators learned that Morris did not act alone in the Dec. 12 robbery. The investigation has revealed that Morris’ boyfriend, Paige, drove the getaway car after Morris robbed the 82-year-old woman at Batteries Plus. Paige also used the victim’s credit cards that were stolen in the robbery. Paige and Morris will be back in court on April 14.

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