Dangerous Cold & The Risk of Fires

WEST MADISON CO, Tenn. — The Madison County Fire Department is sending a warning to residents. They say to use extreme caution while trying to stay warm during this second round of dangerously cold weather. Fire chief Chief Eric Turner says that during last week’s cold spell there were more than five structure fires including two related to heat lamps. The fire department says avoid putting heaters near things that burn and don’t leave heaters unattended. They also suggest getting safety approved heating devices. Turner suggested the use of devices that have a particular approval rating and have the ability to shut off if they are knocked over by a household pet or anyone passing by. “When you are using other sources of heat make sure those heaters are UL approved,” Chief Turner said. “Make sure they have the safety features that if they get knocked over that they will automatically go off.” Some key points that the fire department strongly suggests you follow are if you have a space heater, keep them away from combustible material, out of tight places and out of areas with poor ventilation. Most of all keep warm while paying attention to your heating devices to stay safe!

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