TVA Asks Customers to Conserve Electricity

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JACKSON, Tenn. — As cold temperatures move in, the Tennessee Valley Authority asks customers to conserve to avoid power outages. “These extreme cold temps are some of the coldest we’ve had in about 20 years,” Robert Mullins said, with Jackson Energy Authority. As temperatures drop, the demand for energy goes up. “They expect some peak loads to happen this afternoon,” Mullins said. The TVA wants customers to cut back. “Set thermostats back to 60 degrees and if you can postpone dishwashers, clothes washers,” Mullins said. “Postponing those appliances, turn of lights in unoccupied rooms.” The TVA says turning down your thermostat just one degree can save up to 3 percent. If a customer can‘t pay their bill, JEA says call their office. Each situation is unique. “We don’t tend to cut off power in extreme weather,” Ted Austin said, with JEA. “In those situations we send a bill out and we also send a notice of service interruption.” JEA also plans to use less energy in their office buildings. Mullins says they will turn down the heat and cut back on lighting and non-essential computers. “We don’t expect any major power outages,” said Mullins. “Normal conservation method is what we expect during this cold event.” If the power goes out, JEA says they have staff on standby ready to handle the situation. If your power goes out, JEA wants people to call the customer service line at 731-422-7500.

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