Tom Meiners Pays A Visit To Local Students

This video is no longer available.

WEST JACKSON — Tom Meiners spent Friday morning talking to some of the 1st graders at Andrew Jackson elementary school here in Jackson. Students got to see how clouds form in a weather experiment and discussed some of the important things they need to know in the event of severe weather. The first-graders had a lot of questions for Tom about how tornadoes form, where hurricanes come from and of course when we could expect the next snow storm. “A better understanding of our climate and our weather in this area and how the weather affects us daily and how the weather causes us to do things differently and what all we can do with weather that it can be a career they can go to college with,” Stephanie Brewer, a teacher at Andrew Jackson said. If you’d like to have tom come talk to your students, you can contact him on Facebook ( , Twitter (, or email (

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