Rise in Propane Prices Affecting Locals This Winter

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WHITEVILLE, Tenn. — A hike in propane gas prices are causing some West Tennesseans to search for other ways to stay warm. Orlena Greer said she can’t afford to properly heat her family’s home this winter because the price of propane gas is nearly twice as high as last year. “Since it was over six hundred dollars, I couldn’t afford it because I live on a fixed income,” Greer said. According to a local gas company, she’s not alone. “Some of our customers said they can’t afford to get it,” Amanda Williams, co-owner of Dixie Gas Co. in Bolivar. According to Williams, they now pay their supplier double what they used to pay this time last year, causing them to hike up prices for consumers. Williams said consumers who normally pay $1.99 for a gallon of gas are now paying close to $4. “I’ve never seen it like this,” Williams said. Dixie Gas Co. has been in business for decades, serving Hardeman County residents. “My family has to use a space heater sometimes,” Greer said. Experts are unsure when prices are expected to go back down.

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