Educator of the Week: Bailey

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NORTHEAST JACKSON- Meet Brenda Bailey, a U.S History teacher at Northeast Middle School. Bailey lives in Jackson and has been a teacher at several schools across Tennessee since 1973. She has been a resident of Jackson since 1992 and has been at Northeast Middle School ever since. She has taught a variety of students from adults to middle school in the subjects of history as well as the geography of the world. Bailey says she has an extraordinary drive to teach, but admits the job comes with challenges. “One of the major challenges right now is that sometimes kids don’t value education. An education is the key to everything,” Bailey said. During school day, Bailey tries to mentor and tutor students in anyway possible. She says she believes making a difference allows students to go far in life. “If your not knowledgeable about your past especially then you don’t know what to do for your future. If you have knowledge no one can take that,” Bailey said. This is a statement in which she lives by. Bailey hopes to touch the hearts of her students and let them know that life has a lot to offer as long as they work hard for it.

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