Residents Upset About Local Grocery Store’s Closing

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Dozens of Haywood County residents said they didn’t know that their neighborhood grocery store, E.W. James, was closed until they stopped by to shop. “I didn’t know it was scheduled to close,” Roy Haynes, a Brownsville resident said. According to reps for E.W. James, they were just as surprised as some of the residents when they were told by the building owner, Charlie Tripp, they were losing their lease. Reps said Tripp informed them that they had 30 days to leave. The store closed its doors to customers on Monday. “It was a very important store in our community,” Debbie Reed, a resident said.w E.W. James reps said close to 35 employees worked at the Brownsville location and will be affected by the change. Haywood County officials said the building’s owner stopped leasing to E.W. James to rent to Food Giant, another grocery chain instead.

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