Renter’s Rights and Fire Safety

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JACKSON, Tenn — Rental property owner, Tori Estes, checked to make sure his tenants’ smoke detectors were working after a recent fire killed a Jackson teen. “It’s very important because your tenant could lose their life,” Estes said. According to investigators, an active smoke detector could have saved the life of 17-year-old JCM football player, Tyrone Sterling, who died in a fire over the weekend. Sterling’s family was renting a duplex from Mundt Rental Properties at the time of the fire. According to investigators, so far, they have been unable to locate a smoke detector in the home. Estes said it is the landlord’s responsibility. “I come by every month to pick up rent and make sure the place is secure and the smoke detectors are in tact,” Estes said of his own rental properties. Attorney Lewis Cobb said all rental property must be installed with an approved smoke detector, under Tennessee Law. Tenants should also do their part by checking and replacing batteries. “I would periodically do a test,” Estes advised. “The warning a smoke detector gives the occupant is critical to their safety,” Cobb added. Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the deadly weekend fire and whether or not Mundt Properties had properly installed a smoke detector.

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