JCM Coach Speaks on Football Players Death

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Orentheus Taylor lost more than just a player on his team, he has lost a member of his family. “I have strong faith and I’m trying to let my faith carry on to others,” Taylor said. According to Jackson police,Tyrone Sterling, 17, died when his house caught fire late Friday night. On Monday, his classmates wore the center’s number, 62, in honor of the friend they lovingly called “Bubba.” “These are young kids that we’re dealing with,” Taylor said. “This is a situation that I told them is a first for me, I’ve never dealt with a passing of any type of teammate or any type of player.” Jackson-Madison County School officials said extra guidance counselors are on call to help students cope. “Anytime there’s a loss of family members within our school district [it] is always a sad time for us, but especially a student that’s so close to other students in the district as well as the faculty,” said Ginger Carver, Marketing/Public Relations Specialist JMCSS. Taylor said just like any parent who loses a child, Sterling’s parents are struggling with his sudden death. “Of course you want to give them their space but this is a tough situation for them so we want to be there to support them,” Taylor added.

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