New Farm Bill Affecting Local Farmers and Families

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JACKSON, Tenn — “This whole thing is going to confuse you a lot,” Tennessee, Republican Congressman Stephen Fincher said before addressing a crowd of farmers on Thursday, regarding the new Farm Bill. “It’s a new bill and it will be a learning curve for all of us,” Harris Armour, a local farmer, said. Several West Tennesseans say the new farm bill is confusing. That’s why Congressman Fincher said he set out on his Heartland farm tour. It’s all to explain the impact of the bill to farmers in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. “This is so complicated that we’re trying to let farmers know before they get out in the fields this spring,” Congressman Fincher said. Fincher said the bill expands crop insurance and ends direct government payment to farmers. He said it’s the first time it’s been done in farm history. Some larger farmers welcomed the change. “My concern was that we have crop insurance so this is the way the bill is moving,” Armour said. The $91 billion bill is slated for five years and includes a one percent cut to nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP. “This farm bill will ultimately serve it purpose for all Americans,” Congressman Fincher said. The Heartland Farm Tour consists of three more stops, one in West Tennessee.

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