Educator of the Week: Pearcy

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PARSONS, Tenn. — Amanda Pearcy is a 3rd grade Math and Science Teacher at Parsons Elementary School in Parsons, Tennessee. She is a caring teacher who spends a lot of time and energy on her students. “The kids are my favorite part about teaching,” Pearcy said. “The kids make it interesting, they make it fun, they make it challenging and they make it worth everyday being up and being here.” Pearcy says that the job does have its challenges especially when it comes to the curriculum since it continues to change in Tennessee. “The biggest challenge is the new curriculum change across the state,” Pearcy said. “It’s been a very trying year for us here. But fortunately everyone here has tried hard. We are really a team at this school which makes it pretty bearable.” Interactive activity and technology is a key staple in Pearcy’s classroom. She says that this allows her to develop and closer bond with students which makes them more willing to ask for help when they need it. This is especially true in the “Smart School Program” in which Pearcy dedicates so much time to after school. “It’s a great program, and it’s bad that their moms actually told me it’s bad when your kids want to stay and get mad when you want to pick them up at 6. That is amazing for both teachers and parents because we never would have dreamed kids wanna stay after school late.” Pearcy said. The product of Parsons calls this place home and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She hopes that her students continue to push for their goals and exceed any expectations that anyone could put in front of them.

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