Group sues Kingsport Army plant over pollution

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – The Tennessee Clean Water Network is suing a Kingsport ammunition plant for dumping an explosive into local drinking water.

The lawsuit filed Monday asks a federal judge to order the U.S. Army and contractor BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc. to immediately stop the illegal discharges. It also asks the judge to impose monetary penalties and sanctions.

The suit says the state told BAE in 2007 it had to reduce the amount of the explosive RDX it was releasing into the Holston River. The company was given five years to comply, but in 2012 it was dumping more RDX, not less.

In August, BAE and the Army signed an agreement with the state calling for “best efforts” to reduce RDX discharges. The lawsuit says that agreement is insufficient.