Peaches Nesbitt accused of assault; concerned family speaks

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JACKSON, Tenn. — A Jackson family is still in shock after an encounter with a former Jackson police officer takes an unexpected turn while shopping at Walmart. “My baby was on my right hip, and then she just snatched my baby off of my hip and started going through her Pampers,” Courtney Reeves said. Reeves said retired Jackson police Sgt. Peaches Nesbitt was the one who grabbed 1-year-old Kennedy. Reeves said Nesbitt, who was also in the checkout line, accused her of trying to steal something by shoving it in her daughter’s diaper. “She said ‘does she have something in her Pampers?'” Reeves said. “I was like ‘no, she is wet,’ and then she was like, ‘it looks like she has something shiny in her Pamper.” Reeves said the quick encounter turned up nothing. Nesbitt handed her screaming daughter back to her without even an apology. “She had no right to stick her hand in my baby’s Pampers,” Reeves said. “No one has the right to take nobody’s baby out of their hand and put them through what she put this baby through,” said Len McAlister, the baby’s grandmother. According to police, Nesbitt has been served with a criminal summons for a misdemeanor count of simple assault. Nesbitt has until July 15 to turn herself in. The child’s grandmother said there’s only one punishment that will deliver justice. “She needs to go to jail like she carried everybody else to jail,” McAlister said.

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