Extra patrols added around military offices in Hub City

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JACKSON, Tenn.,– Law enforcement agencies in the Hub City have beefed up patrols in certain areas following the deadly attack in Chattanooga. Thursday, four Marines were killed in separate military offices. Officers from both the Jackson Police Department and Madison County Sheriff’s Department are keeping vigilant, increasing visibility at the National Guard Armory, military recruitment offices and the McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport. “We’ve just asked all of our guys to make themselves visible and more aware especially at all of the key points,” Madison County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, Tom Mapes said. Mapes said it is unclear how long the patrols will continue around those areas. He said this is just a precaution right now. “Hopefully this was just a sort of ‘lone wolf’ situation but everybody is hearing the FBI director saying right now that he’s concerned about more ‘lone wolf’ situations,” he said. Enhanced security is not the only coming in the aftermath of the shooting. Tennessee State Congressman Scott Desjarlais announced Friday he will introduce legislation Monday, lifting the ban for military personnel to carry handguns on military properties. “I believe everyone should be carrying and go through the training to do what they have to to protect them and their family,” legislation supporter Kyle Brown said,”for this instance, for them and their brothers.” From more visibility to possibly adding handguns, it is small steps some say could make a big difference in public safety.

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