Puppies stuck in storm drain; animal control blames stray problem

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. — A growing problem in Hardin County leads to a desperate attempt to rescue puppies stuck in a storm drain. Animal control said this all stems from a bigger issue — too many strays and not enough animal shelters. “Every animal deserves to live, and I’ll do anything for them,” Hardin County Animal Control Officer Tammy Jennings said. It’s a storm drain that’s now drawing attention from authorities in the city of Savannah. “They said the puppies were running across the road and they crawled into the drain,” Jennings said. Two stray puppies are believed to be stuck down below in a drain pipe, but there has been no sign of them other than faint barks echoing through the drain pipes. “They were trying to get them out,” Pennie Neill said. “They had a backhoe, the city was here, animal control was out here. It was so touching, but they couldn’t get them out and now the mama dog is across the street watching her babies.” Jennings said there is an uncontrollable amount of strays on the streets and that this situation is a direct result of a bigger issue. “It’s too big of a number to count. It’s definitely a problem. Our shelter right now is at a capacity,” Jennings said. Right now, Jennings said Hardin County Animal Services has close to 150 dogs in its shelter. But she said there is a way to lessen the number of strays and to prevent something like this from happening in the future. “Spay and neuter can be inexpensive and will save a lot of heartache in the future,” Jennings said.

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