High heat has parents on the lookout for players

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JACKSON, Tenn.-Before the football action of Friday night, many coaches and parents are worried about high temperatures on what might be hottest game night of the season. With temperatures expected to stay in the 90s for kickoff, and exhaustingly hot through half-time, the usual signs of heat-related sickness, become extra important. Affected players seem disoriented, become lethargic, or stop sweating. The teams at Sports Plus Rehab, that attend every game, told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News about how they react during game-time emergencies. “We go over we check them we talk to them a little bit initially, but if they are in desperate signs or extreme signs they’ve quit sweating, they are starting to vomit or anything like that, we do ice towels to cool them down,” said Jay Wentworth, with Sports Plus Rehab. Parents are encouraged to watch players, even after they leave the field and to keep checking for those same symptoms.

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