Bookworms catch break with Food for Fines month

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Avid readers can lighten their library debts this month by giving to help the hungry. Food for Fines runs through Dec.12 at the Everett Horn Public Library in Lexington. Bookworms with outstanding fines can bring in non-perishable canned food items and have their overdue balances wiped clear. “We have had people with 50 to 60 dollar fines and bring us two cans of food, and that’s OK,” head librarian Crystal Ozier said. The food will be used for the first Henderson County Can Build It food drive and sculpture contest on Dec. 14. Items collected will then go to help the more than $4,000 food insecure residents in Henderson County. “It helps them, it helps us and it in turn helps the county as well,” Ozier said.

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