Levee causing problems in Lexington

A hole in a neighborhood levee could cause major flooding.

Lexington Levee

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Residents in Lexington know when it rains., it floods in some parts of the town.

“Those two houses down there flood every time it rains period. whether it’s from the levee or not,” said neighbor Crystal Todd.

Around noon on Christmas day emergency management officials were notified something was wrong with the levee on Hidden Valley Circle.  The Henderson County Fire Department, the Emergency Management Director and the rescue squad responded.

“There is a hole in the levee,” said Henderson County Rescue Squad Captain Josh Wright, “but right now we’ve talked to several residents and they’ve said it is normal.”

Although flooding is a common occurrence on the street, some residents say this levee breech is the worst they’ve ever seen.

Lewis Screws, who lives further down the street in the culdesac says more rain could result in major consequences.

“If it rains anymore its going to bust. It’s going to bust completely open, and up in the cove there no way out. there’s only one way out of here, ” said Screws.

Emergency crews assured us that the hole was not a threat to homes in this area for the time being, but first-responders are ready if the levee breaks.

“We have a real good EMA and our emergency squad is fabulous for a small town,” said Screws

“We will come check on it through the remainder of the day and night. Just to keep a watch on it. If the levee does break, the Henderson County Rescue Squad will be notified. If the houses are flooded and people are trapped we have the equipment to get to them,” said Wright.

Before leaving Lexington, one of the homeowners in the possible path of the levee leak said flooding on their street is just another day in the neighborhood.




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