Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Lori McClain

CARROLL CO., Tenn, — “If it makes it to the kitchen table, I feel like I’ve done my job,” said 5th grade science teacher, Lori McClain.

Experiments in McClain’s class capture her students attention at West Carroll Elementary School.

Lori McClainFrom learning about renewable resources to different types of energy, McClain has an experiment to teach it.

“All those things build and when we go back and do a test or something,” she said, “I can actually see them kinda working through when we did the experiment and doing it in their head saying ‘I remember when we did this’ or ‘ I remember when we did that.'”

McClain said it’s important for her to get to know her students and she understands that everyone learns differently. She also added that hands on learning helps keep her students interested.

“They’ll do the hard stuff, the homework, and you know the studying for tests and doing the reports and things like that because they know that tie-dye day is coming or slime day is coming.”

McClain said her favorite part is when the students are excited about class and go home talking about what they did that day.

McClain will now be eligible for the state-wide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the month award. Starting in June, to vote for her or any of the other nominees go to: seehowitaddsup.com

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