Local artists hope to draw crowds downtown

JACKSON, Tenn. — Murals add character to a downtown area, each celebrating something unique. But Katie Howerton wanted to create something new, making sure the 7-3-1 area code gets the attention it deserves.

katie howerton“Jackson has a lot of perks that you would find in Nashville as well as in Memphis, but we’re kind of our own thing,” Howerton said.

With the help of local Jacksonians, the inaugural “731 Day” is launching Sunday, July 31st.

“We really want to celebrate more than Jackson, just the whole West Tennessee community and kind of remind people that small town living is a great thing and can be just as exciting as anywhere else,” Howerton explained.

One of the many events Sunday includes projects like a mural. Each letter will be painted by a different local artist and will represent something significant to the area.

“I really do want to embrace the diversity of the city and show that here,” Howerton explained.

The wall will serve as a welcome sign to downtown.

“So much of what we want to happen is for the community to take ownership of this and mobilize people to local businesses,” Howerton said.

This local artist hopes projects like these make the area more than a stop on I-40 for food and gas, but a place to explore and live.

The mural is set to be finished by mid-August.

To learn more about “731 Day”, click here. Events include a fun run Sunday morning, followed by a local market for artists to feature and sell their work, a massive water balloon fight, and a concert at night to wrap up the day.

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