University School of Jackson unveils new strategic plan

JACKSON, Tenn. — One of the Hub City’s oldest private schools got a new direction Tuesday as the University School of Jackson rolled out their new strategic plan for the coming years.

USJ Reveals Plan“The big overlying goal is to become best in class in the Southeast,” USJ Head of School Stuart Hirstein told WBBJ Tuesday. “We feel very confident about our program within Jackson, and now it’s time to actually focus on the Southeast.”

With nearly 1,100 students ranging from pre-K to high school, school officials said the new plan includes plans for new buildings, including one devoted to the fine arts, and creating opportunities for foreign students to get their education in Columbia blue.

“Being mindful that Jackson’s a great place and we’re thrilled to be here, but that we also want to focus on the Southeast as a whole, and if there’s something great happening at a school in Charlotte, North Carolina, we want to know about it and want to see if that would work here at USJ,” Hirstein said.

Officials turned to their staff for ideas on their newest plan, something educators say makes the plan special.USJ Reveals Plan2

“We all brought ideas that we would like to see incorporated into the future, with the future of USJ, and so we’re excited to see how it’s all going to come together in one strategic plan,” said USJ Director of College Advising Carol Ryan, who’s taught at the school for 18 years.

USJ also made adjustments to their school’s mission statement, according to the head of school.

“We focused on the three pillars — our academic, our athletic and our arts — because that to us is a well-rounded student,” Hirstein said. “We wanted to take it a step further and have the personal characteristics of a USJ student — personal integrity, mutual respect and lifelong learning.”

USJ held a meeting Tuesday night on their campus to reveal the plan to parents, students and staff and hope to begin implementing it as early as this year.

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