Gibson County residents cope with thunderstorms and flash floods

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — A drive down Old Highway 45 in Bradford, felt more like a boat ride Monday afternoon after about half a months worth of rainfall fell in just more than three hours.

“It’s happened quite a bit before, but this is probably the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said Lucas Mallard.

“We’re used to flooding but not in that quick of a time,” said Assistant Chief Ryan Shanklin of the Gibson County Fire Department.

Officials said, at least 20 homes were affected. Steven McCartney said the water was about two inches from coming inside his front door.

“I was in the shower, trying to get ready to go to work when I heard the hail, then my wife came in and said, ‘well its coming up the creek,” McCartney said, “because we can see them coming up them ditches when it starts turning muddy.”

Agencies from Bradford and Gibson County worked together to clear roads and assist residents.

Around 4:30 Monday afternoon, the Bradford High School parking lot was under water, and officials tell us people from at least two residences had to be evacuated from their homes by boat.

“It was over waist deep for our firefighters so we had to use a boat to get in and get them out of the house,” Chief Shanklin said.

Within an hour’s time, the flood waters were gone, but the cleanup was just beginning.

“…start washing the mud out of the driveway, off the porch, and gather up what floated off,” McCartney said.

Officials told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they have received no reports of injuries in the Bradford area from the storm.

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