Brownsville police perform ‘intruder drill’ at local school

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Across the state, Tennessee schools are required by law to prepare for an active shooter situation. Within the first 30 days of the school year, classes are tested on just how prepared they are.

Brownsville police officers make their way around Haywood Elementary searching for a way inside, the same steps an active shooter would take in an attempt to enter the building.

“What we want to do is make sure the outside of the school is secure, that no one can enter the inside of the building,” Brownsville Assistant Police Chief Kelvin Evans said.

This is an intruder drill, which requires teachers to hide their students, locking all doors and windows. It’s the officers’ job to make sure these precautions are taken for the safety of everyone inside.

“We want our kids to come to school, and we want them to return home,” Evans said. “We want our staff to be safe and also make sure they know how to react when we do respond.”

On the back side of the school, one window was left unlocked and one door wasn’t secured. Although there were a few overlooked safety precautions, overall Haywood Elementary passed the intruder test.

“That’s why it’s so important for us to do our fire drills, our tornado drills and these intruder drills, because we never know when something’s going to happen,” Haywood Elementary Principal Anna Roberts said.

“Haywood Elementary did a good job,” Evans said. “We did find things that we need to improve on, and that’s the purpose of the drill — to find our mistakes, then correct them.”

“I am so proud of my school,” Roberts said. “Kids being quiet, that’s hard for them to do, and it was about a 15-minute drill.”

For the next intruder drill, Brownsville police will show up unannounced to make sure the school is prepared in case of an emergency.

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