Neighbors heard an explosion when a car caught on fire

HUMBOLDT, Tenn– “Some kind of explosion and a car burning at the end of the street,” Cassie Brown said.

Neighbors describing what they saw Thursday night as emergency crews rushed to McDearmon Avenue in Humboldt.

“All of us were out standing out here. The roads were blocked off at every end and they just kept coming. There were a lot of people down there.”  Brown said.

Officials say the woman behind the wheel of the 2006 black Ford tried to restart the car after it cut off. When she did, that’s when she heard a noise.

“Boom. It burned forever. It was a really big fire. There were a lot of fire trucks and ambulances. Everything down there,” Brown said.

Fire officials say they believe the car backfired then caught fire.

“I came outside and when I walked out I saw the car on fire,” Another neighbor said.

The neighbor didn’t want to be identified but says the fire started under the hood.

“We walked down there and the hood was on fire and everybody started running down there,” The neighbor explained.

Officials say three people were in the car at the time. The driver of the car only suffered minor injuries.

Neighbors say the car looked like it was heading home, as if they were just coming from the grocery store.

“She was toting groceries and stuff up the street. I guess to another ladies house,” One neighbor said. “The girl was really upset I could tell she was crying. She was talking about her car and stuff.”

Neighbors are saying it’s the biggest event they’ve seen this close to home.

” I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve never even seen a car on fire in front of my face,” One neighbor said.