TWRA urges hunters to be prepared as deer gun season kicks off this weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says the most anticipated hunting season is just around the corner — deer gun season. And even though they want hunters to be successful, there are a few things they need to remember.

“They have to have their basic hunting and fishing license along with their big game stamp or big game license,” said Brian Thompson, manager for the TWRA.

Along with the required paperwork, TWRA says even though hunting injuries are rare, one is too many.

“A lot of people are going to be out in the woods. Hopefully the deer will be moving around. Make sure you got your blaze orange on, 500 square inches, upper body and head,” Thompson said.

Hunting gear experts also remind hunters to keep basic safety and gun safety in mind to prevent accidents.

“When you’re on the stand a few dozen feet off the ground, you want to make sure that you’re safe, so this ties to the stand and to the tree and to yourself, so if something were to happen, you wouldn’t fall,” said Steve Johnson, store director at Academy Sports + Outdoors, describing a deer stand harness.

TWRA says one of the most common complaints they get during deer season is hunters shooting from the road or from their vehicles.

“Instead of putting the work in, scouting their places and getting up in their deer stand before daylight and working, we have some people that like to ride the roads and shoot from the road, which is a safety matter, and it’s against the law,” Thompson said.

When the hunt is over, officials say to check in your game by the end of the day. One buck is allowed per day with a maximum of two per season. You can check in a deer online or at a TWRA check station.

Thompson says doe restrictions differ by county.

To learn more about the requirements for deer gun hunting season, you can contact TWRA at 731-423-5725 or visit their website.

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