Senior football players take the field for the West Tennessee All-Star game

JACKSON, Tenn. — Talented players and their fans braced the weather for the West Tennessee All-Star Game Friday night. The two teams consisted of the best high school football playing seniors in our area. This is what happened.

The players took the field tonight in North Jackson at Liberty Tech High School.
Let’s start with South quarterback Jacob Fitzhugh from Crockett County with a nice throw to Woodson Hancock of Adamsville.
Next, a touchdown for the South, ran in by Hunter Smith of Obion County.
Then, on the kick return, Kylan Washington of Munford gets a good start, but fumble! That will put the ball back in the hands of the South.
Quarterback Fitzhugh with the ball again and a pass off to Smith who won’t be denied from his second touchdown, plowing in to the end zone and leaving the score 14 to 0 South.

The North did come back in the second half, but not quite enough. This game ending with a final score of 24 to 17 and a win for the South.
A great game and a great season to all of our seniors here in West Tennessee.

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