Broadband grant brings high-speed internet across Hardeman County

TOONE, Tenn. — Residents in Hardeman County will now have a chance to have internet access county-wide after a grant from the state.

“So this is a big day for Hardeman County to partner with Aeneas and the state of Tennessee to get broadband into our county,” Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain said.

A $190,000 check from the Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commission was presented Wednesday to Aeneas internet and telephone company at Toone City Hall.

“Aeneas is expanding with the assistance of the Tennessee Department of Economic Development grant match project to bring gigabit broadband,” Aeneas CEO Jonathan Harle said. “We’re going to have a broadband available to this residential corridor equivalent to anywhere in the United States.”

The funds will go toward expanding internet service across Hardeman County.

“For us to be able to do fiber-optic delivered broadband today to this wonderful community, wonderful area, but it’s sparsely populated,” Harle said. “The economics are now feasible with the assistance of the state.”

The grant will allow for future economic investment and growth to help local communities, businesses and families thrive.

“That’s really big for industrial, for recruiting here,” Mayor Sain said. “We’re just so thankful to be able to catch up with the technology here in a rural area, and it will do a lot for economic community development here in Hardeman County.”

There are about 27,000 residents in Hardeman County, according to Mayor Sain. Northern parts of the county should have access to internet services as of now, with hopes of expanding across the rest of the county by December.

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