Local entrepreneur hopes to help others with shared workspace

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — Ever have an idea you want to bring to life, or you can’t focus on a project you really want to get done?

Tencom CEO Chris Donaldson has created a workspace to diffuse both those issues.

“Working by yourself at home, and it’s very distracting, and so the people who are really hustlers and wanting to get work done, this helps them to,” Donaldson said.

The workspace was created as a result of Tencom, a new business started in 2016 involving a line of IT services. Donaldson, an entrepreneur himself, wanted to create a workspace for other entrepreneurs once Tencom was self-sustaining.

This past May, The Mill Workspace, located at 217 South Mill Avenue, became a fully operational area for up-and-coming creators.

“Being here at the Mill is a lot less distracting than being at home,” said Allan Ingalls, a media production freelancer. “Also, the place is such a gorgeous facility that it just inspires me and really gets the creative juices flowing.”

“What Chris has done here, I appreciate it,” said Matt Boals, leader of the nonprofit Launch 731. “I like being surrounded by this atmosphere. It helps me keep focus and work.”

One Mill member says the atmosphere is one thing but the amenities are a whole other ballgame, including sit and stand desks, conference rooms, studio space and even 3D printers.

“So here they have an address, they have all these amenities, a great impressive place to meet with clients or potential clients,” Donaldson said.

Creating the workspace has opened the door for more business in the city of Dyersburg. There have been two businesses to open downtown since Tencom’s debut.

Donaldson says he wants to continue to help the city by hosting workshops for entrepreneurs. One of those workshops will take place Sept. 25 at The Mill Workspace.

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