Deputy’s act of kindness leads to big donation to local school

JACKSON, Tenn. — One local school is given a valuable addition to their school after an act of kindness by one officer.

The Basketball Cop Foundation in Florida donated a washer and dryer to Jackson Careers and Technology Middle School. The appliances were unveiled Friday.

The donation stems from one act of kindness by the school’s resource officer, Madison County Deputy William Haley, earlier this year. A photo of Haley after he stopped to help a man sitting by the road went viral and was seen by Bobby White with the Basketball Cop Foundation, who then contacted the officer.

From there, the foundation helped the officer’s school by donating much needed items. Principal James Walker tells us why a washer and dryer on campus is so important.

“We do have a clothes closet program in place where we provide school uniforms to students who either don’t have it or may have a mishap while they’re here at school,” Walker said.

Sheriff John Mehr praised Haley for his act of kindness along with resident Elizabeth McClain, who took the photo that went viral.

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