Pet of the Week: Peaches

PET OF THE WEEK– Peaches is this week’s Pet of the Week.

“She is just as sweet as her name suggests, twice as cute, and just a giant bundle of joy!  Peaches is a smaller girl, at just 30 pounds, but she has a heart the size of a mountain, with a ton of love to give,” Lorrie Douglass, from Saving The Animals Together said.

She is around a year and a half old, so she is probably as big as she will get. Peaches is very well socialized, and does great with other dogs and children. She is spayed and fully vetted.

She loves to be around her human family and just hang out at home.  But she also loves to go for a ride, especially if it means a stop at the local pet store to get a new toy, or some treats.

If you would like to foster Peaches, or make her a part of your family, please contact STAT at 731-313-7828.


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