City councilman, guests speak at Liberty Tech after death of student

JACKSON, Tenn. — Community members stopped by a local school to encourage high school students.

Tanya Rivers’ son James, a student at Liberty Technology Magnet High School, died last month after an accidental shooting.

“James was a talented person. James had his own way of saying things, and it was through music,” Rivers said.

Rivers joined parents, community organizations and Jackson City Councilman Johnny Dodd Thursday morning during a school assembly.

“Trying to encourage our kids to stay out of trouble, to stay positive in school and to stay positive in our community,” Councilman Dodd said.

The group talked to students about how their decisions can affect their futures.

“Let our kids know playing with guns, joining gangs, getting involved in the wrong activity can lead to death. So we want the parents to talk to the kids,” Rivers said. Rivers also warned of the dangers of mishandling guns.

“I want the kids to know more about guns, because they’re nothing to play with. They’re very dangerous if you use them for the wrong reason,” Rivers said.

School officials say having this involvement can help students make better choices.

“That what they’ve heard and additional training will be enhanced. What we’ve given them as far as tools of how to stay away from negative behavior,” said Corey Currie, leader of student support services for Jackson-Madison County Schools.

Currie says the guest speakers were chosen because the students know them.

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