Meet Opie, our Pet of the Week

Say hello to Opie! This sweet boy was dumped at a shelter by his family in Middle Tennessee when they moved and decided to leave him behind. He doesn’t understand what he could have done to make them decide they no longer loved him and that he wasn’t worth the effort to take him with them. All he knows, is that he misses having a family of his very own to love, play with and snuggle up to every night, and he wants that again very much!

Opie is around a year old, very goofy and very cuddly. He loves to play and romp around the backyard. He loves children very much and would love to have a human sibling to call his own. In return, he promises to reward you with happy smiles, zoomie runs and possibly a swat of his tail from time to time. All he asks for in return is love, loyalty, tons of belly rubs and a promise to never leave him behind!
Opie would be a great running partner, or even a daily walking team member for you. He is young and energetic but also loves to cuddle and snuggle, so he would also be a perfect movie binge night blanket stealer!
Opie just wants a second chance to have a family. He did nothing wrong with his first family, they simply decided not to include him in their move because he wasn’t important enough to them.  Opie desperately just wants to be important enough to someone that won’t move off and leave him behind. He wants to matter enough in someone’s eyes and hearts that they would never consider leaving him behind ever again.
If you can be this person for Opie and give him a loving family, please contact STAT (Saving The Animals Together) at: 731-313-7828.
Or find STAT via social media:
Facebook:  Saving The Animals Together
Twitter:    STATdawgs
Instagram:   savingtheanimalstogether
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