Meet Layla, our Pet of the Week

Meet beautiful Layla! Layla came into STAT’s rescue after she was abandoned, along with her friend Theodore, after their previous owner moved and left them behind. Neighbors cared for the pair several days before they were picked up by animal control. Upon arrival at animal control it was discovered that Layla was pregnant.  STAT stepped in and gave this family a chance to find forever homes.  Layla gave birth to six beautiful babies on January 15. All of Layla’s babies, as well as the daddy, Theodore, have found families of their own.

Now it’s Layla’s turn. She’s a 3-year-old mixed breed, and she is now spayed, so no worries of anymore puppies for her, and she is up-to-date on shots. She is currently undergoing heartworm treatment. Layla is incredibly sweet and very easygoing. She loves nothing more than to simply be loved on and be a part of your everyday life.
Layla would do well in almost any family setting, she loves kids and gets along with other dogs. Layla will be a very loyal companion and will cherish her forever family.
If you are interested in adopting Layla, contact STAT (Saving The Animals Together) at 731-313-7828.
Or contact STAT via social media:
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Twitter:  STATdawgs
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