Local students prepare for statewide TNReady test

MILAN, Tenn. — State testing for students starts this month, and students are continuously preparing for it.

“We test in reading, math and science this year,” said Tammy Rushing, principal of Milan Elementary School. “We will test over a three-day time period, and the students will just show us what they’ve learned throughout the school year.”

Third and fourth grade students at Milan Elementary will take the TNReady test in just a couple of weeks.

“We are testing the last week in April,” Rushing said. “April 30 is the first day, and we actually have a writing test on April 16.”

The students take several practice tests to get ready in the weeks leading up to the TNReady test. Those tests are made to look similar to the real test to better prepare the students.

Rushing says the practice lessons are to help students build stamina for the TNReady test. Students have about two hours for each subject.

“When you’ve taught something and you’ve taken the test, anything you see where there’s a struggle, you make sure you do that again and you put it back on the next test, so you just continue to do that throughout the school year,” Rushing said.

The principal had some words of encouragement for parents who have students taking the test.

“Parents can expect their students to be here ready to take their test and have a relaxed day,” Rushing said. “We don’t stress them. We want them to do their best just like we expect every day.”

There is still time to help your child study.

“Checking their homework at night is always a good thing, reviewing with them any skills they see that their child is struggling with when we send home a test, those types of things help,” Rushing said.

All schools in Tennessee will take the TNReady test the last week of April.

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