Mayoral candidates answer questions at Jackson Exchange Club forum

JACKSON, Tenn. — The five mayoral candidates for Jackson gathered Tuesday afternoon for a forum designed to give each candidate a chance to answer questions about the community.

“That’s why this election is so, so important,” candidate Mark Johnstone said. “The decisions that are going to be made in this election will impact us for decades.”

The questions were submitted by Jackson citizens. Some asked what the candidates would do in their first six months, what their plans are for infrastructure spending, and how they would approach the racial divide in the city.

“They allowed us to look at the various areas, and I think it prepared us to go forward to lead the people,” candidate Jerry Woods said.

Many of their answers revolved around the same solutions.

“Improving education, safer neighborhoods, infrastructure, and growing small businesses,” candidate Vicky Foote said.

Candidates were given 30 seconds to answer each question. The Exchange Club designed the forum to avoid debate and instead focus on discussion.

All the candidates agreed that Jackson’s future is bright.

“I think Jackson’s greatest days are ahead,” candidate Jimmy Eldridge said. “I want to applaud all the mayors that have gone before us, our current mayor.”

“We’re building a future today that we can have 20 years from now, so that my small kids, when they graduate high school and college, come back to Jackson and plant roots here, because it makes sense and they have opportunities,” candidate Scott Conger said.

Election Day is May 7, while early voting runs from April 17 through May 2.

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