Meet Dixie, our Pet of the Week

Meet Dixie!  This sweet girl was found starving, full of parasites and had burns on both of her ears.  She was found by a lady that wanted to get her into some good hands and get her the care she needed, so STAT stepped in to get this girl on the road to health and happiness!
Once Dixie was treated for her wounds, cleared of her parasites and spayed, she was ready to play!  Her favorite thing to play is fetch, but she loves doing anything that involves running!  She is very athletic and will be best suited with a family that likes to be on the go.  She has a lot of energy that needs to be ran off, so someone that is willing to play lots of fetch, go for long runs, or long walks, will be right up her alley.
She doesn’t seem to mind being around cats, but she does tend to get a little rough when playing, so she would have to have very strict supervision if around cats or smaller dogs. She can get hyper at times but calms down after she gets a chance to run off her energy.
If you would like to foster Dixie, or would like to make her a part of your family, please contact STAT (Saving The Animals Together) at 731-313-7828.
Or contact STAT via social media:
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Twitter:  STATdawgs
Instagram: savingtheanimalstogether
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