Hardin Co. fifth graders learn from emergency officials

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Local fifth graders got hands-on experience, learning from first responders and dealing with emergencies.

More than 50 fifth graders descended upon the Hardin County Fairgrounds Friday.

“Education with public safety services, that they learn at a young age, moves forward with them,” Hardin Co. 911 Director David Alexander said.

They got lessons from the fire department, D.A.R.E., search and rescue agencies, 911 dispatch, medical helicopters, TWRA and more.

“You begin to see the effects of the information we receive from children these age, and as they grow up, they take this information with them,” Alexander said.

The students even got hands-on experience with some of the occupations, like Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative.

“I had to take this big stick with these gloves, and take it and try to get the electricity thing, and put it on this nail and put it up there,” fifth grader Angel Fountain said.

“I had to try to get the stick into the hole and pull it down and try to put it back up,” fifth grader Greenlee Climber said.

And they learned these employees make it look easy.

“It was pretty hard,” Fountain said. “I think I would appreciate them more since they do that a lot.”

Alexander also said this is a good way to get the kids thinking about future careers.

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