Downtown Alamo gets facelift thanks to state grant

ALAMO, Tenn. — If you notice things looking a little brighter in downtown Alamo, thank the downtown grant from the state.

“We have a grant that allows us to pass through to private property owners some money that will stimulate improvements around the square,” Alamo Mayor John Emison said.

The $15,000 was split among several businesses that surround the Crockett County Courthouse.

“We had to apply for the grant through the state to begin with, and then we set up a mechanism for the property owners around the square to apply through us, and then we had a selection committee that decided how the money would be distributed,” Mayor Emison said.

Mayor Emison says this grant will help with the much needed remodeling and revitalization of the downtown square.

“Mostly, it’s repainting. We do have some awnings and some repair to exteriors, those sorts of things,” Mayor Emison said. The work also includes replacing 40-year-old hand rails on the courthouse.

Mayor Emison says the project is already making a difference because some of the buildings have already been repainted.

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