West Tennessee State Fair comes to an end

JACKSON, Tenn. — West Tennesseans enjoyed the last day of the West Tennessee State Fair on Sunday.

“We’ve had a great turnout the weather has been great,” said fair manager, Kelly Broadway. “It’s been hot, everybody has been troopers. It’s just been awesome having everyone out.”

West Tennesseans are no stranger to this annual tradition, and it’s where the community will have the chance to come together for some family fun.

“It’s a lot of fun, it is its a lot of fun,” says fair goer, Brittany Pruett. “The heat is exhausting, but it’s fun.”

Fair goers got to enjoy their favorite rides, games on the midway and eat delicious fair food. Many people say they made the most out of their last day.

Some share their favorite parts of the experience.

“Seeing all the kids have a blast,” said Broadway. “All their excitement, all of the just happy families.”

“We were on the Graviton and this ride, the Sizzler,” said Pruett. “It was pretty fun.”

“We appreciate the community turning out to help support this,” said Broadway. “Without them and the volunteers we couldn’t have this event.”

Fair goers say they are already looking forward to next years fair. This year the fair is celebrating 164 years in West Tennessee.

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