Santa delivers presents to seniors at St. Mary Manor

JACKSON, Tenn. — Santa looked a little different delivering presents to residents at an independent living facility Friday.

A room was full of Christmas bags for residents at St. Mary Manor.

It’s in part thanks to Macey Jones and a post on Facebook.

“To my friends, family, local churches and the staff here at St. Mary’s, to ensure all 150+ residents get a Christmas,” Jones said.

Jones is currently a Greater Gibson County Outstanding Teen and had a goal of getting 25 bags filled.

Well, they did that, and Friday she and some friends had the chance to hand out the bags.

“I think it’s a great thing. My birthday’s in December so I’m looking for a Christmas gift,” said Gregory Willis, one of the residents who got a bag.

He says he doesn’t let people combine his birthday with Christmas. Each day gets its own presents.

Jones’s mom works at St. Mary Manor, and that’s how she started getting involved.

“I started volunteering and fell in love with everybody,” Jones said. “It made my soul happy to be able to come and help them and just put a smile on their face.”

Jones and her friends went up and down each hall delivering the presents Friday morning so each resident would have something to open on Christmas.

And Willis had just two words to say.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Willis said.

By the end of the day Friday, each of the more than 150 residents had a bag delivered to their door.

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