Multiplying Good: Alex Beene

Alex Beene helps hundreds of students in 11 different local counties to improve their A.C.T. scores, gain college admissions and receive scholarships.

“It’s a great feeling of giving back,” said Beene. “It involves entertaining, education and making sure they can do better.”

For the last five years, Beene has even helped adults students reinvest back into the education system. He spends countless hours making sure students can make it to the next level.

“We have awarded $10 million in scholarships for kids. Most students we help are lower income,” said Beene.

“I think more people are going to college because of Alex Beene. He comes up with innovative ideas to teach them strategies to pass the A.C.T. prep course,” said Kayce Beam, Beene’s colleague.

Some classes Beene even provides to students for free. Beene says it’s all worth it to see his students move on to a brighter future.

“I’m getting a lot more out of the student than they are getting out of me, quite frankly, it kind of tears me up. It’s been one of the great honors of my life,” said Beene.

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