The Birth Choice welcomes new ‘Mobile Medical Unit’

JACKSON, Tenn. – Community members came together Saturday morning for the Birth Choice mobile unit arrival party.

The Birth Choice clinic recently purchased a mobile medical unit from ‘Save the Storks.’

The mobile unit is equipped to offer free on-board pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to women in neighboring counties, including Hardeman, Haywood and Fayette counties.


“In a few months, we still need to get all off our ducks in a row,” said director of development,  Tiffany Dawson. “We will start bringing the bus to Hardeman, Haywood and Fayette counties. On Tuesdays we will be in Brownsville, on Wednesdays we will be in Oakland in Fayette County and on Thursdays we will be in Bolivar.”

If you would like to learn more information or if you would be interested in volunteering on the bus, call (731) 664-8443.

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