Local leaders react to Morris Merriweather resignation

JACKSON, Tenn.– There’s now an empty seat on the Jackson-Madison County School Board.

“I’m disappointed in some ways with how it went down, but he had to make a choice for himself and his family and what he wants to do in his life,” interim superintendent Ray Washington said.

“I’m concerned about the starting interviews for superintendent candidates with only eight board members,” district two school board representative Kevin Alexander said.

After a shocking end to Thursday night’s school board meeting, Jackson-Madison County school board members have another open position that needs filling, besides a new superintendent.

School board member Morris Merriweather announced his resignation, effective immediately, at the end of the meeting.

This isn’t the first time Merriweather has resigned from the board.

He announced his intentions to resign in November of 2018, only to change his mind 24 hours later.

This latest announcement caught many off guard.

“It evolved suddenly, I think, I don’t know any other indication that it would’ve occurred,” Washington said.

Board member Kevin Alexander says Merriweather’s resignation really surprised him.

“I was just shocked at the timing, and of course I was disheartened, but I guess it is what it is,” Alexander said.

Now, the Madison County Commission must vote to either accept or reject Merriweather’s resignation.

“It was brought up in the called meeting today. As far as discussion, we will accept his resignation on the 18 [of February] , which is Tuesday, at our regular county commission meeting,” Madison County Commission chairman Gary Deaton said.

Deaton explains the commission will have to appoint someone at the following county commission meeting to fill Merriweather’s position.

In the meantime, commissioners of that district would have to make recommendations of people to appoint.

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