Cades Center taking precautions to protect elderly from virus spread

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Some of the people most vulnerable to having complications from the coronavirus are the elderly.

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“They’re more likely to develop an illness quicker than the general population, and they’re in close quarters. They’re in a close, confined area. And so viruses and bacteria can spread more quickly,” said Shelia Carlton, nurse practitioner.

Since the first case was reported in the United States, the Cades Center in Humboldt has been taking steps to prevent the virus from coming into their facility.

“We’re Lysoling everything,” said Kristi Holland, Director of Cades Center. “We’re doing doorknobs and the air several times a day. We do have signs on our door as well.”

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The Cades Center says you can help residents stay healthy too. Don’t visit if you’re feeling sick or have flu-like symptoms. And if you do come in, be sure to use the hand sanitizer they have at the desk.

“Especially our elderly people, we love them, and we want to keep them healthy, so please don’t come see them if you’re sick,” Holland said.

And be sure to take measures to keep yourself healthy as well.

“Hand washing will prevent so many diseases that people just don’t realize,” Carlton said.

The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department says there are no cases of the coronavirus in Madison County, and they are currently not monitoring anyone.

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