Tennessee bakeries create fundraising cookies for tornado relief

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. — Funds are being sent to Middle Tennessee through a classic fundraiser.

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Dannuhcakes Sweet Shop in downtown Adamsville is one of the many bakeries across Tennessee coming together to help those affected by last week’s tornadoes.

“I just love to be involved in the community, I just think that if you can help in any way, find a way to help,” said Deanna Bradley, Dannuhcakes Sweet Shop owner.

While Deanna Bradley’s oven was preheating this morning, she said this whole idea started on Instagram.

“I followed a Nashville bakery, something like that, and saw it come up,” Bradley said. “I thought, ‘How can I get involved?’ So I messaged them that I’m not from the area but can I help? They said yes, and that’s how the whole process got started.”

Once the cookies are sold, all the money is going to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

“I’ve got a lot of orders so far. Today will be open, so all my cookies today will be the Tennessee shapes,” Bradley said.

If you can’t make it to Adamsville, you can also buy cookies from another bakery and order fundraiser t-shirts at LD2 Market Shoppes in Jackson.

“That could happen to us at any time in West Tennessee, and we hope that these guys in Middle and East Tennessee are going to come show the same support, and I know they will,” said Lesley Daniel, LD2 Market Shoppes owner.

The cookies are a $5 donation, and t-shirts are $20.

Each bakery has their own donation goal.


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