Local restaurants offer curbside service

JACKSON, Tenn. — With health officials asking us to limit our time in public, people are wondering how you can still support local restaurants.

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Restaurants in Jackson that are normally packed are now mostly empty.

“Our traffic is down anywhere between 30% and 50%,” said Brooks Shaw, Old Country Store Manager.

“Pretty decent decline in business,” Matt Childress, owner of Woodstock Bake Shop said.

“We’ve closed early because of that,” said Allison Wright, owner of The Baker’s Rack.

The Old Country Store is doing everything they can to get your business.

“We have coolers and freezers that we’re stocking with extra items right now,” Shaw said. “You’re now able to get breakfast to-go from the buffet.”

And The Baker’s Rack and Woodstock Bake Shop are offering to bring the food straight to you.

“When you call and make a to-go order, we can deliver that for you after hours if you have a bigger event. We’re doing $25 or more. Or if you just want to park outside. We can deliver it straight to your car,” Wright said.

“Yeah pretty much, if you don’t feel comfortable coming in, and we’ve actually had people call us, and we’ll take it out to your car for you in the parking lot. So just call. I’ll walk out and take it to you on the spot,” said Childress.

If you don’t want to come in to pick up your food or wait in your car for curbside pickup, you can order from your living room. DoorDash and Waitr serve Jackson.

“I think if you look at any small business, we’re definitely looking for people coming in for cash flow throughout the month,” Childress said. “So if you take 30 days with no business, I don’t think a lot of small businesses will be able to survive that.”

And this is about more than keeping the businesses open. Other people depend on them.

“I feel bad for my workers. I have another job. I have money coming in. This is their livelihood. If we don’t have customers, we have to shut down. That scares me. And I don’t want to see that for them,” Wright said.

For a full list of local restaurants that offer to-go, curbside, or delivery services, click here.

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