Health officials confirm first Madison County COVID-19 case

JACKSON, Tenn.–“We received notification of our first positive COVID-19 case in Madison County,” said Kimberly Tedford, Director of the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department.

Screen Shot 2020 03 23 At 10.20.23 Pm Tedford said this patient was treated at the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital Emergency Department on Sunday.

“We do know this case has been associated with travel outside the state of Tennessee,” said Tedford.

Tedford was unable to give information on specifically where the person traveled to or what area of Jackson this person lives.

“For the general public, your risks are low, just continue to do social distancing,” said Tedford.

Amy Gardner with West Tennessee Healthcare encourages West Tennesseans to still seek testing if they think they have symptoms.

“So what I would say to people who are concerned with coming to the hospital, that it is very safe, we are screening people that come in, we are limiting visitors that come in,” said Gardner.

Jackson Mayor Scott Conger and Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris reassured the public that local health officials have everything under control.

“Here it is, we all are ready for this, were going to keep doing what we need to do to make sure that we minimize that and flattening the curve, so our healthcare system can take care of the ones they need to take care of,” said Conger.

“Watch where you are, take care of yourself, if you can stay home, stay home,” said Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris.

Leaders with the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department said they will be reaching out to people who came in contact with this patient.

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