Local business give back by offering extra services to customers

JACKSON, Tenn. — Some businesses have been going out of their way to keep their employees and customers healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Lanier English with McCoy’s Heating and Air says they have limited people coming into their buildings unless it’s for appointments.

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“We try to relay to our customers, we’re trying to keep them as safe as possible,” said English.

In the meantime, they have tried sanitizing the work spaces. Besides checking in on their employees’ health, they’ve also tried to help customers who may be dealing with health related issues during the pandemic, by offering to help them with their groceries and necessities that have been hard to find.

“We buy in bulk, so we do have toilet paper that customers have needed so we’ve taken some rolls with us,” said English.

It’s not the only business looking over their communities health. Poplar Corner Exxon has been providing full and self service.

“It’s been busy all morning and everybody’s coming in and talking about it and saying how much they appreciate it and what a good service it is,” said owner Ken Lilly.

One customer mentioned how she always makes sure to keep gloves on her when pumping gas, but appreciates the service they are giving to prevent germs from spreading.

“When I don’t come up here, I normally use my gloves when I pump my gas,” said customer Linda Hunt. “Come up here to Exxon and get your service. They pump your gas for you, with the gloves on!”

The company has enlisted the help of volunteers in the community to help them with the services.

“Because of the virus, people are very leery, which they have a right to be and we like doing community service, and we thought this was a perfect time for us to get out and help,” said Donnie Nally, volunteer from the Elk’s Lodge 192.

It’s the first day of the service at the Exxon station. Both companies say they plan to continue providing these extra services for their customers for the time being.

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