Gov. Lee provides statewide COVID-19 update

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Governor Bill Lee opened his daily news conference Thursday by stressing the impact each individual has in the state and how each Tennessean has to take this seriously.

“What’s going to slow the spread of this virus are the people of  Tennessee taking individual responsibility. That’s why social distancing really does matter, it really does matter. It matters that people wash their hands, it matters that they stay home,” said Governor Lee.

Governor Lee says we have a disproportional number of tests in the state.

“The vast majority of our test in Tennessee are for those under 40 years old. To the young people of Tennessee it matters what you do out there to attack this virus spread,” said Governor Lee.

Governor Bill Lee took time today to speak to business and churches. Here’s what he had to say regarding their responsibility during this crisis.

“If you own a restaurant out there and you’re still trying to get away with serving people in a dining room, it matters that you are still doing that. If you’re a rural church out there that thinks it doesn’t matter what happens in rural Tennessee because the virus may not have shown up in your county yet, it matters,” said Governor Lee.

The Governor also praised companies across the state that are stepping up to lead the fight against Coronavirus.

“We are grateful for companies like Kirkland’s in Jackson and Nissan who have given thousands and thousands of masks that are so important,” said Governor Lee.

The governor also recognized Lowe’s for donating Tyvek material to serve as protection for healthcare professionals.

“Inmates in our dept of corrections are actually putting those gowns together and sewing them,” said Governor Lee.

During Governor Bill Lee’s daily news conference, he spoke on the state’s economy and industries including hotels, entertainment and restaurants.

“The impact of this virus on this industry is overwhelming, we have thousands and thousands of workers losing their jobs everyday and that has powerful negative impact on Tennesseans,” said Governor Lee.

The governor says in the span of a week there has been a 1,300 percent spike in the unemployment rate in the state, which he says he expects to only get worse, which is why he says he introduced the “talent exchange.”

“The goal of the exchange is to provide an opportunity to match Tennesseans who are out of work because of COVID-19 to match them with companies that are in fact currently experiencing a surge in business and making immediate hires,” said Governor Lee.

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